Birth Support is a space for supporting pregnancy, birth and the newborn mother. Here is support for women and their families throughout the childbearing years. Holistic, gentle and empowering preparation and care is offered. Support in many different forms is provided through antenatal classes, counselling, doula care, post-natal doula support, massage, womens groups, mothers groups, workshops and birth healing.

Based in Bryanston we support Johannesburg. Sally Baker and colleagues are honored to offer a continuum of care as you awaken into your new identity as parents. It is a privilege for us to support you and your partner in this profound rite of passage that transitions you into a mother or father. Sally supports you through the ups and downs and uncertainty of this new role as a mother and she supports and facilitates your birth as parents so that you can parent with strength, warmth and consciousness.


As a social worker in private practice I offer counselling that is empathic, short term, growth centred and solution focused. I counsel individuals, couples and families. I use BWRT (Brain Working Recursive Therapy) and EMI (eye movement integration) which are immensely powerful styles of working, based on neuro-science. I find these therapies highly effective in reducing the effects of trauma and loss.

Birth Healing

Small groups and private birth story sessions for women who have experienced difficult, disappointing or traumatic births. This is an opportunity to promote healing & gain understanding in a safe, compassionate, non-judgmental space. This support is essential for all women who are preparing for a VBAC, who could feel better about themselves as a mother, or are afraid of giving birth or bringing a baby home again.

Loss Support Group

Safe and supportive groups and private sessions for women and couples who have experienced a miscarriage, still birth or whose baby has passed away. The PAl & Rainbow group is for mothers pregnant again after the loss of a baby.

Birthing Womans Circle

Move from fear to FREEDOM in birth and in life

This Birthing Womans Circle Workshop is for pregnant women and will help you to find your inner strengh and power - your inner voice - YOU will feel strong and confident in your ability to make the right choices for your baby and yourself. Return to your True Self, that place of power within that you've always known. We will celebrate the wild feminine, and its abundant creative flow in the female body. Rejuvination through dance, yoga nidra story telling, connection and laughter.

Holistic Antenatal Classes - Childbirth & Parenting Preparation with Soul

Seeking holistic, unique, quality antenatal classes? Want to learn how to cope with the intensity and unexpectedness of birth. Want to have your natural instincts serving you? Do you want to begin to awaken the parent in you? Do you want information about birth that you can fully understand and use when the time comes? Does your partner also need preparation relevant to his/her needs as support person & father to be? My informative & transformative classes based on Birthing From Within will meet the needs of your heart and mind.

What do You need to know to give birth?

"Our classes were filled with connection, learning and laughter, all thanks to your genuine and heartfelt approach"~ mother

Next class starting 9 May 2020

Mothers Birthing Circle Workshop

A workshop style support group for new mothers. This workshop focuses on YOU and supports YOU! If you are looking for a mothering workshop that includes activities and stories to nourish your soul, the soul of a new mother, look no further! This workshop will help you feel confident with the mother YOU are becoming. You will move from possible feelings of isolation to a community of women. Processes and heart to heart discussions that are totally nonjudgemental help women to understand and integrate their new mother identity. All mothers are welcome. Babies come too.

Next workshop starting in May 2020

Parents and Baby Class

A day spent with other new parents focusing on your baby and parenting as partners and lovers. Parenting lasts a lifetime. The baby phase is just the start. Getting on the same page with sustainable strategies for you as a couple are vital. This workshop is fun and bonding for new parents.

Next workshop - 13 June 2020